Hi, I'm Andrea Rocca

I'm a web development consultant specialised in full-stack Javascript and Rails applications

Recent Work

These are some of the clients that have been happy to work with me

What I Can Help You With

These are the services that I offer to my clients

Rapid MVP prototyping

I can help you build a functional first version of your product to show your investors or test with your users. I have a proven track record of MVPs built for my clients that ended up being successful.

Full-stack Web Development

I can help you build, improve and add functionalities to your Javascript or Rails app. I have many years of experience working with Rails, Vue and Nodejs.

Latest from the Blog

A Simple Guide to ActionCable

A Simple Guide to ActionCable

This is a step by step guide that will show you how you can integrate ActionCable in your rails application. To do so, we will create a simple uber-like chat application.